Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Springtime Craziness!

Well! Since my last post, we have been crazy busy!! A league championship, a trade show, a doctor`s appointment & zoo trip, hockey windups, and hats! Not to mention a 10th anniversary, Easter, and gearing up for a bus trip to Edmonton!

A`s team won their league, against the other team from town. They ended the regular season with an amazing 26-0-0 streak! It was a great season, with great parents!! The windup was also a ton of fun, with a giant potluck supper, and a fabulous recap video of the season!

R`s team lost out in the second round of playoffs, but he had a blast! Towards the end of the season, he was able to play goal a lot more, which he LOVED! So much so that we are signing him up for a goalie camp this summer. Their windup was fun too, bowling & a pizza party. Another night of great fun with great parents!

R had his consumption test in the city, and I am happy to say that he officially has NO allergies! Not that it means anything, as G and A are still very much allergic to nuts! Sadly, R now loves my Reese treats, which means I have to share them :( While we were in the city for his appointment, we decided to head to the zoo to see the baby lions. We saw them, for about 2 minutes! We went there at 3:30, thinking the zoo closed at 5. Sadly, it was 4, not 5! Fastest zoo trip ever!

On March 30th, G & I celebrated (sort of) our 10th anniversary. I actually was at a trade show that day (and the next), for Rodeo Weekend here in town. He got to help me set up my booth, then do some running around for me. He also had to pick the boys up from school & make supper (FAIL!). In between running around for me, he got me a very pretty necklace with heart pendant! I got him a jacket for A`s AAA hockey team. After I was done at the trade show for the day, I came home to no supper (but spring cleaning was done!), so I just ran uptown & grabbed some pizza, LOL. We`ll have a redo sometime soon!

The rest of the trade show was good for me! I sold a few hats & tutus, and also sold a bunch of hair clips. It was fun, and now I am signed up for another trade show, in the city this time, on May 5th. It is a big Mother`s Day craft & bake sale, so I am busy trying to get things ready for that!

Easter was this past weekend, and A had an exhibition game in Regina on Saturday. Instead, a giant snowstorm blew in Friday night, and in 12 hours, we got 14 inches of snow! So A missed his game, and instead we dyed Easter eggs, and watched the snow fall! On Sunday, G`s parents came for a yummy Easter supper (ham, scalloped potatoes, asparagus, carrot cake & cheesecake brownies). It was a good day, and the boys were spoiled, of course!

This week is also crazy busy (when is it not??), as we leave Thursday morning for Edmonton, for A`s first AAA tournament! I have been doing laundry & packing, and baking treats to take with us. While we are gone, the boys will be turning 8 & 10, on Friday & Saturday, so I`d like to have some treats for all the kids.

And on top of all this?? I have been getting busier & busier with my hat business! I have 1 trade show done, will be at the Tisdale Dance Experience next week (a 5 day dance recital in town, with dancers from all over!), and a trade show May 5th. On top of getting stuff ready for all of the shows I have lined up, I have been getting tons of orders! It has been great!! I absolutely adore creating such cute items for little ones, and I have found some new friends in my amazing customers!

And speaking of hats, I had better get going! I have a couple orders to drop off, and a couple hats to make, plus my dryer buzzed!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Filling the Freezer

Well, I have been INSANELY busy! We were in the city for a hockey tournament last weekend, have had a minimum of 3 hockey games/week for the last 3 weeks, AND have been busy with hat orders!! This week is shaping up to be the same! 2 practices, 3 playoff games & another tournament in the city! WHEW! Thankfully, after this weekend, our lives will slow down, as hockey will be just about done. Just little man`s last round of playoffs (1 practice, 1 game). Oh. And yet another trip to the city for little man`s consumption test on Friday.

Today, I am catching up on laundry & housework. I ran to get groceries this morning & quickly did up a meal plan AT the store for the rest of month. I did pretty well, only forgot a couple things (I can grab those when I go get the boys from school). I came home & made 2 meals worth of meatballs, 2 meatloaves & a shepherd`s pie. Now I am looking up chicken noodle soup recipes, and will have to get supper in the oven soon (roast chicken with asparagus & mushrooms, and baked potates).

I am excited to stock up the freezer! And I realize I have done this totally backwards, at the END of hockey season, but ball starts soon, so it will come in handy! I currently have the follwing meals in my freezer :)

- Beef Strogranoff (slow cooker, enough for 2 meals, so will freeze half)
- Tomato Macaroni soup (forgot beef broth)
- Chicken noodle soup
- Spaghetti & meatsauce (then leftovers will be frozen for baked spaghetti later, and the rest of the sauce for lasgna)
- Roast beef
- Perogies & smokies (times 2)
- Meatloaf x2 (made & froze 2 just now)
- Meatballs x2 (made just now, got 5 dozen, will freeze into 2 meals worth)
- Honey garlic chicken thighs
- Shepherd`s pie
- Roast chicken (for tonight, about to throw it in the oven)

Pretty good, right?? And, if I am not home, the instructions are written on each container (either a Ziploc bag or a tinfoil pan wrapped in tinfoil), so that hubbyman can make supper!

I am doing some prep work today, however, I normally freeze our leftovers. I don`t usually have time to cook 5 meals in a day (man, we are lucky to get ONE meal a day, LOL), so if I am making spaghetti or something, I will double (or triple) the recipe, and freeze anything left over. Spaghetti is one of the boys` favorites. I will put the pasta & sauce mixed together into a dish, then freeze it. When we go to have the baked pasta for supper, we just add cheese & bake it until it`s done!

It`s nice to know that I have even 1 or 2 things in the freezer ready to go. Eventually, I`d like to be organized enough to have 7 or more meals frozen at all times, but for now, this is working. And I like knowing that if we are insanely busy during the day, that we still can have a yummy, homecooked meal, instead of pizza or rink bugers!

How do you fill your freezer? Do you cook a month`s worth of meals in 1 weekend? Or do you prefer to make extra when you cook, and freeze the leftovers?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Family Day Celebrations

Today in Saskatchewan is Family Day. This means that the boys are home from school today (and all this week!). To celebrate Family Day, we plan on completely cleaning out the toy room, watching movies & eating popcorn. Fun right??

I remember our very first Family Day, way back in February 2002. I was 8 months pregnant, and we lived in Hinton, AB (in the mountains, SO pretty!). My sister was visiting, so the 3 and a half of us headed out to one of the local regional parks for their Family Day festivities!

There was a giant wiener roast, hot chocolate, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, & luging. It was so fun! We couldn`t luge, but we did watch. It was crazy! And would have been so fun, if I didn`t have such a large tummy! We did go cross country skiing though, & I learned that when preganant, I have the balance of a dead cat, haha! I could not stand up for longer than 3 minutes at a time.

The entire weekend was amazing. We showed my sister all kinds of places to explore! We drove to Tanlge Falls (on the side of the highway on the way to Banff), and watch some guys ice climb up the frozen falls. We went to Athabasca Falls & walked along the trails. We walked around downtown Jasper, and checked out the ice sculptures.

Every year on Family Day, I remember our awesome weekend in the mountains. I always miss "my" mountains this time of year! When we lived in Hinton, every weekend was spent exploring. We`d pack up the baby, a picnic lunch & just drive. We always found a new place to explore, somewhere different, somewhere prettier than the last place. Family Day weekend gave it the magical winter glow, seeing everyone out enjoying the majestic beauty of the mountins.

One of these years, I`d love to take the boys back to Hinton. To visit friends, to see the mountains. To experience a true Family Day, and what it is to me. The ice sculptures in downtown Jasper, the frozen waterfalls, hot chocolate & cross country skiing. Not to mention the Young Outdoor Classic in Edson, at G`s aunt & uncle`s house!

Every year, on the Family Day weekend, G`s uncle puts on his Outdoor Classic. He has built an Olympic sized rink in their yard, dressing rooms, HEATED bleachers, it is an amazing sight! There are beer garden & concessions (with proceeds that go to things needed in the community, this year it was for the new Spray Park in Edson). It is amazing! The kids love it, the adults love it, it`s a great way to spend a Family Weekend!

My dream Family Week? We would head to Edson for the Classic, then spend 5 days or so in Edson/Hinton/Jasper, visiting friends & family (G has an aunt & uncle, 3 cousins with families, & his brother/sister in law & their 2 little ones there), going to the parks we used to visit, & enjoying the mountains. Now to hope hockey doesn`t ruin my plans for next year!

Whatever you do to celebrate Family Day, I hope you are with the ones you love, doing something fun & exciting! Enjoy your time together, and Happy Family Day :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day!

Happy Valentine`s Day!! I hope you all are having a great day with your loved ones, no matter who they are! Do you have any special plans? Do anything specific, or have any traditions?

I always make a big, yummy supper for my boys. This year it`s sweet & sour meatballs with rice, salad and glazed carrots. I also make a couple Valentine themed desserts! This year, I am trying my hand at red velvet cupcakes (granted, it`s a cake mix this time!), and I am also making my favorite cake mix cookies, chocolate cherry chip!

Thanks to my Pinterest addiction, I am also ramping the decorations! I have a few ideas that I am going to try, so we will see how that turns out. I will share photos of all my Pinterest hacked ideas as well ;)

Valentine`s is very special in our house. G proposed to me on the 11th (his plans for a fabulous Valentine`s Day was disrupted when my sister came to visit on the 14th, so we celebrated early). We try to go for supper on the 11th, as "our" Valentine`s celebration, and then celebrate with our boys on the 14th. This is a great way for the boys to know it`s not just for married people!

This year was 10 years since we were engaged. It`s hard to believe that SO much has happened in that short 10 years! Two babies, a province move (with 3 days notice!), a house & all of it`s renovations, and a kitty! There are many days where it seems like yesterday that we were waiting for our little red haired baby to be born, and now he is 9! What a ride the past 10 years have been, and I wouldn`t change it for anything!

And now, to work on my babie`s Valentine feast!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Week Off = No Rest

The boys have their February break coming up (Feb 20-26). Why go somewhere during then when you can stay home & SPRING CLEAN?? Yep, that`s right! We are staying put, & cleaning out this ENTIRE house. All 1600 sq ft. I plan on getting rid of a LOT. We will even be going through the storage room (yikes).

In doing this, I am hoping that my house will stay cleaner, longer. I plan to put my Pinterest shenanigans to good use, finally, to create in & out boxes for the boys, to create storage systems for school papers, & to organize my jewellry, just to name a couple ideas!

I also plan on reinstating my cleaning schedules, but involving the boys. They need to learn that laundry doesn`t magically go from their bedroom floor to their dresser, all clean again. That dishes don`t clean themselves overnight. And I don`t mean just the kids ;)

Here is my room by room plan. Hopefully, if I write it all out, it will motivate me to get it all done during the boys` week off!!

- clean out fridge & freezers (wipe down with bleach), wipe down the outside surfaces
- clean stove & oven, wipe down outside surfaces
- bleach out microwave & dishwasher, wipe down outside surfaces
- clean out pantry, dust shelves
- clean under sink
- wipe down walls & cupboards
- OrangeGlo woodwork
- clean windows
- dust everything

Living/Dining Room
- clean out furniture
- dust/clean all surfaces
- wash windows
- deep clean carpets
- go through magazines/catalogs

- clean out coat closet
- go through desk surfaces
- sort through craft supplies
- dust all surfaces
- wash windows

Toy Room
- sort through all toys (donate donate donate!)
- scrub down shelves
- bleach toys as needed
- disinfect floors
- dust all surfaces
- wash windows

- sort through vanities

TV Room
- dust all surfaces
- clean out couches
- sort through movies
- deep clean floors

- go through closets & dressers
- dust all surfaces
- wash windows
- deep clean floors
- reorganize my jewellery

Wow. That is a HUGE list! And I don`t even the storage room on there! So, if you don`t from me that week, please look in the toyroom, it will most likely have swallowed me whole!! Should I survive, I will be sure to share the Pinned Projects I have used! And maybe even (finally) post after photos of the house!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Do you ever wonder "what if"? Do you ever think of what could have been? What should have been? I watched Grey`s Anatomy tonight, then talked to an old friend. It got me thinking. A lot. And of things that made my heart sad. And happy. And overjoyed. And sad again.

On Grey`s, Meredith talked about her what ifs. What if she had loving parents, that pushed her, loved her, were there. She showed her "what if world". She was engaged to Alex, who was still as slimy as ever. Addison & Derek (Mcdreary now) were still married & expecting. Christina was evil. It was all twisted up & crazy!

But, at the same time, you saw the characters interact with their true loves, & they knew. They were meant to be. It didn`t matter what path you took, you still ended up where you belonged. Sloan swooped in, the father of Addison`s baby. Torres & Arizona bonded over saving a child`s life. Meredith & Derek? Just a boy & a girl in bar. Together.

It was a crazy show, & I was all, ahh! Can you imagine? What if?? But at the end, all was as it should be.

Tonight, I posted a photo on my Facebook. A friend posted it, & I loved it, so I stole it (er, shared it). It was sweet, a tiny bit sappy, but, also fitting in that it is my life.

I then put this caption underneath, "I have 2 of them. And they are my most precious gifts ever. Never have I been so proud & amazed at something I have accomplished. They are my world."

They are my world. They are mine. They are my 2 greatest achievements in the world. How did I get so lucky to get chosen as their mom??

I posted that tonight & then received a message from a friend. She called me inspirational. She recently had her first baby. She is in the "new mom" stage. She wonders how, at 30, she will do it. And wonders how, at 20, I did it.

Yep. I was a Teen Mom, folks. My oldest was born when I was 19. And my 2nd was born 1 day short of 2 years later (seriously people, the boys were born April 14, 2002 & April 13, 2004). I can`t even remember how I did it.

Anson was born in Hinton, Alberta. We moved there when I was 8 weeks pregnant. We were 10 hours away from family. He was a very easy baby, slept when he was supposed to, loved playdates with his baby group friends. Swimming, the park, we had a blast!

When he was 13 months old, we moved home. Ryden was born 11 months later. G`s parents lived down the street from us. He was a "difficult" baby. He was premature & in the NICU. Colic. The child had to be in OUR house by 6pm. If he didn`t, he screamed for hours. He was lactose intolerant (mommy couldn`t eat chocolate, WHAT?!?!). He crawled at 4 months, & learned how to climb at 6 months.

I think by the time Ryden was born, I was so exhausted, I just got through the days on autopilot. G worked long hours. My inlaws worked. I just, did. Because I had to. We needed to eat, so I learned to cook (and cook well, may I add!). We needed clean cothes, so I did laundry.

Baby group was a guaranteed outing a week. Summers meant swimming lessons & playdates at the spray park. Winter meant hockey & skating & sledding. Toddler classes, then preschool, then Pre-K, then kindergarten. All of a sudden, I am looking at the last 5 months of my 20s, my babies will be 8 & 10 in 2 short months, & we will be celebrating 10 years of marriage next month.

On one hand, I cannot believe I have been a mom for 10 years. I am only 29! But then, I can`t imagine life any other way. My classmates are just getting married, & having babies. They are dealing with poopy diaper explosions, sleepness nights & potty training. I have moved on to girlfriends, hockey injuries & cell phone debates.

Tonight, contemplating the "what if" of my world? I couldn`t imagine. I honestly can`t picture my life without my babies. I guess the "what if" me would have a job (what`s that?? I haven`t worked outside my home in over 10 years!), and probably a bigger house. But, I love my 10 years of domestic bliss. I love my cute little character home.

And while I, at times, feel I have been stagnant for the last 11 years, I just look at my boys. They are reason I learned to cook. The reason I go to bed laughing, & wake up to crumbs all over the kitchen. I may have started early, but to all of my friends starting out? Your next 10 years will be amazing. Filled with joy, tears, laughter, probably a little bit of poop & bodily fluids (okay, who am I kidding, there will be a LOT!), & sticky snuggles. But at the end of 10 years? There will be no "what ifs". There will simply be the knowledge of your greatest accomplishment in the world is because you followed your path, and that it was meant to be.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Today, we have nothing to do. No where to be! We have been lazing around, just hanging out. In my boredom, I have turned the TV to TLC. Lottery Changed My Life is on. All day long. I am a little jealous, of these people winning gobs of money! Do you know what you would do if you won? We hae kicked around ideas, for that "one day" what if.

1. Totally & completely finish our house, with a basement (crawlspaces are icky!). I`d restore it to it`s gorgeous 1920 charm. It would be a beautiful house if I had unlimited funds! Garth talks about an acerage. I`m torn, we`ll see. I love the idea of space, but I just am not a "country" person. Not being able to zip uptown to get milk? Getting snowed in for a few days? No thanks!

2. Get new vehicles, of course! We are currently in the market for a new car. I like the Dodge Journey, or the Ford Edge. We are also looking at Kia, as they have some good trade in incentives. I don`t think I`d go whole hog & get the $100, 000 vehicles though. It`s just not me.

3. FINALLY take a honeymoon. In almost 10 years of marriage, we have YET to have had a weekend away from our boys! We`d also take the boys on a fun trip! Gotta let them in on the fun, right?

4. Give money to a select list of people (the list is already made). I know that they`d all appreciate it :)

5. This is a big one. We have always said that should we ever win the lottery, we would adopt 2 more children. I feel that I would feel more satisfied in doing this, as opposed to donating to charities. This would be chance to change the entire LIFE of 2 children, more than a fleeting moment of goodwill. We would still donate to charities, but that is our "big" goal.

And, so, that is the top 5 of what I would do, should I ever win a million dollars or more :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas 2.0

Well. Looks like I have Christmas cleanup duties, AGAIN. Hubbyman was in the city for a few days, & while there, stopped in at my sister`s. Since we didn`t see them in December, he dropped off the gifts we had for them (and for my other sisters, & my niece). In return, he got a car load of gifts back!

My boys are digustingly spoiled. They got new jammies, Legos, video games, candies, just crazy! Not that I can complain, because so am I! A couple years ago, my one sister & I started a thing for each other. It`s basically a grab bag of gifts. Throughout the year, we buy things for each other & just toss them into a gift bag. Lotions, favorite candies, PJ pants, things like that. We also buy a LOT of pink ribbon items, in honor of our Nana, who passed away 13 years ago.

My gift bag this year included some yummy Bath & Body Works lotion & soap, Jelly Belly jellybeans (MY FAVE!), cute socks, pink jammie pants, cake vodka (who knew?!), then some treats from her trip to Mexico last week (Mexican vanilla, gum & some candies). I gave my sister the softest, fuzziest Eyeore jammie pants (her fave character), a sister frame, a couple bags of candies, and a silver pink ribbon bracelet.

Past years, we have done themes, like it has to be all red & green, or all scrapbooking items, things like that. I look forward to my gift from her the most, just because it is so varied! It also makes it so much easier to shop for her! Throughout the year, if I find things I know she`ll love, or in her favorite color (green), I grab them & put them in a bag in my closet!

While hubbyman was in the city, he also did some gift shopping of his own! He bought the boys (and himeself!) each an Oilers garbage can, & the boys each got a new video game. He also got me season 9 of Friends, so my collection is complete, YAY! I so wish I could take a day/weekend to watch all 10 seasons, but my nightly ritual of watching an episode or 3 while making hats in bed will have to do for now!

Well, I suppose I should stop procrastinating & get some cleaning done around here. There is laundry to fold, & floors to vaccum. Also? This was a very random post, haha! And reading my last blog post? That did not make any sense whatsoever! Hmmm. I will have to rethink & rewrite that one, LOL!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Clean House, Clean Mind?

Do you find that when your house is messy, your mind feels messy? I seem to feel disorganzied & just plain "off" when the boys have destroyed the house. The gritty snacks I step on, the lack of clean spoons, etc etc. The only remedy I have found is to deep clean!

With spring approaching, my mind has turned to spring cleaning, & with that comes home organization! I love to organize things. Like, to an obsessive, crazy extent. One project I crazily took on? Organizing the boys` Legos by size & color. I gave up after a week, LOL. They are, however, still organizd by "category", bricks, flat pieces, people, windows/doors, car pieces. Haha. Makes a person wonder about my state of mind somedays!

Anyway. The warm-ish weather yesterday & today has had me thinking of spring, & with that cleaning lists. I had found a great website to help me create a Household Binder (www.organizedhome.com). The site has a lot of amazing printables, & many, many articles with hints & i deas.

The nice thing about a Home Binder is that you can completely customize it to suit your family`s needs. You can use the pages they have, or use it as a guide to create pages that you need. My binder is fairly thick.

- I have a calendar in the front, with everyone`s activities on it (practice, birthdays, appointments, etc). I have color coded the calendar as well, making it easy to see who needs to be where & when with 1 quick glance.

- Then the 4 of us each have a section. Because of allergies & asthma, each person has a list of their allergies & medicines listed, as well as their doctor`s number/info. Then I include a class list, school calendar, & sports calendar. I also have a list of important phone numbers (coaches, teachers, friends).

- My recipe section helps with my meal planning. I have meals listed that the family loves, & what we need when we have that. When I plan my menu, I go through the lists & pick out what we will eat & make the grocery list. I also have a page protector to put new recipe ideas in (printed, or torn from magazines). I use this section along with my recipe binder (more on that to come later!).

- Another section is house ideas, since our home is a work in progress. This I have divided by room. At the top, I have listed the paint color(s) used, and then listed are all the projects that need to be done (changing out light fixtures, flooring ideas, etc).

The last subject I have is my Cleaning Schedule! Yes, I have a schedule, & I really, REALLY need to get back on it! I have a list of daily chores (vaccuming, laundry, beds, wiping down the bathrooms before bed, etc). Then I have set a room to each day to focus on.

Monday - Toy room & entrance/office
Tuesday - Kitchen
Wednesday - Living Room
Thursday - Upstairs
Friday - Bathrooms
Weekend - Catch up

When I do keep up with my schedule, it makes Spring Cleaning SO much easier! I don`t have to deep clean as deep, & then it`s just a matter of switching out linens, putting away winter gear, & taking inventory of what the boys need for summer.

I am hoping to get my Home Binder up to date, & to implement my cleaning schedule again. It will be nice to have a clean, tidy house again! And, to have a coherent head, LOL. Well, one can hope anyway ;)

Once I get my binder together, I will share photos. Are you going to create a home binder for your household? What will put in it?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Countertop Do Over

This past September, we redid our countertops.  I love my counters!  While it wasn`t labor-instensive, it was a long process when factoring in drying times (24 hours between each coat). We did it after the boys went to bed, which allowed me minimal counter use during the day when I needed it.

The product we used was Rustoleum`s Stoneaffects. We used the Galaxy color (black with white specks). It is a 3 step process, and is very easy to do!

Here are my counters before. Love the fake marbly white & green. And check out that border! Nice huh?

This is Step 1, the primer. It is gritty, so the stone coat sticks to it.

Step 2 (and 3, we did 2 coats to fill in a couple spots) was the stone. It looks gray when wet but dries to the right color.

And the last coats (we did 2 of the epoxies)! It makes your counter shiny & smooth. It is also heatproof. I love the look of it!

This was one of our quickest, easiest renos! And I just adore the final look! You can`t even tell there are tiles underneath. So here we are, 1 step closer to my finished kitchen!

Kitchen Revamping

When we bought our house almost 5 years ago (we bought it Feb 13/07 & moved in Apr 26/07), we knew it needed a LOT of work. It is a 1920 character home, & I absolutely adore it! While we have done a few things (painted throughout, new bathroom, worked in the kitchen, added a fence), we still have so much to do! We are hoping to rebuild our veranda this summer, build an addition, finish the floors, & finish our current bedroom.

So far, my favorite room is the kitchen. Which makes sense, since I spend most of my time in there! We painted, added a couple cupboard doors where needed (who doesn`t want doors on their cupboards?!?), & redid our countertops. I am currently scraping glue off the original 1920 hardwoods. Yes, glue. Someone, in a haze of craziness, glued the ugliest, roughest, blue-gray carpet to the floor (granted, our kitchen used to be a bedroom). Anyway. I am almost done scraping the glue (just the dining & living areas left!), then we will be doing a light sand to be sure all the glue is gone, & restaining. The floors were originally dark, & I plan on keeping them dark. Our cabinets (custom built in Dec 2006) are a warm fruitwood, & well, I can`t change those, LOL.

Anyway. All this to say, I wanted to share progress pictures with you! Here are the befores, from May of 2007. Ignore the mess, & the silly baby (I can`t get over that Ryden used to be that little, sniff sniff!), but here they are :)

This was taken while standing in the living room, looking west.  Love the southwestern teal bluey-green!  Ick :(  Check out that fabulous carpet too!  Who says kitchen carpet is a bad idea??

Standind with my back against the window.  My sink!  I love my double sink.  The right side is so super deep, perfect for defrosting 20 pound turkeys!  Also note the silly baby!  He was mad I was taking pictures that weren`t of him ;)

The built in hutch.  I was so excited when I saw this!  I thought the bottom was all storage.  It`s not :(  I also love the no doors, & eating off dusty dishes.

And so, that was my kitchen, almost 5 years ago.  Stay tuned, my next post will include up to date photos!